MODETH will install an inverter with good quality and extreme caution. If there is a technical problem with the product or installation, MODETH will provide a full warranty for Six Months starting from the installation date. This warranty only applies if the conditions listed below are met.

The original and copy of the warranty card should be completed orderly and have the MODETH’s legal stamp and signature.

MODETH will not be liable for any misuse or negligence.

MODETH will not be responsible for caused natural disasters, deliberate and negligent actions by the client, EEPCO (Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation), power defects/fluctuations, or otherwise.

MODETH will not be responsible for damage while moving from place to place, in-home or the workplace.

The warranty will be void if the wiring between the circuit breaker and installed equipment and the equipment itself is tampered with. If necessary, changes to the wiring can be made in consultation with MOD Renewable Engineering PLC.

These unsupported items will not be connected to the inverter via the circuit breaker box:
All kitchen appliances (except fridge and freezer)
  • Hot water tank
  • Iron
  • Injera Iron Cast
  • Steam and Sauna
  • Washing/drying machine.